Treatment Levels of Care

Outpatient programs provide patients with the freedom to maintain a regular commitment to family, work, and educational responsibilities. It offers the patient a greater degree of confidentiality as the patient does not have to explain a prolonged absence from work, school, family, etc. However, because of the ability to go home after a daily or evening program, patients are subject to outside influences and triggers. Self-help is a must-do component of any outpatient program.

  • Standard Outpatient programs are typically 1 hour per session, 1-3 sessions per week.
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs are typically 3 hours per session, 3-5 sessions per week.


Partial hospitalization, also known as PHP (from Partial Hospitalization Program), is a type of program used to treat mental illness and substance abuse. In partial hospitalization, the patient continues to reside at home, but commutes to a treatment center up to seven days a week. Some partial programs offer housing in additional to treatment.
Inpatient programs are safe, structured environments in which patients are removed from stressful circumstances that promote or fuel the urge to use. Because negatively influencing factors are removed from a patient’s daily experience, participants in residential treatment programs can begin to work on building life skills that had been interfered with due to addiction.
While Inpatient programs typically run for 28 days, the current climate in insurance rarely pays for more than 7-12 days.


Tc is a term applied to a participative, group-based approach to long-term mental illness, personality disorders and drug addiction. The approach was usually residential, with the clients and therapists living together. The average length of stay is six-eighteen months. Therapeutic communities include Wilderness Programs, Outward Bound Programs, etc.


Detoxification is a process whereby the drugs and/or alcohol is medically monitored while being removed from the body.
There are two drugs that are life-threatening to detox from without medical supervision: Benzodiazepines which include Valium, Librium, Serax, Xanax, Ativan, alcohol, all types. With both these substances, as the substance leaves the body, it may cause seizures and convulsions. Medical attention must be engaged before stopping cold turkey. Opiates, which include pain pills and heroin, are very uncomfortable to detox from. While the process is not life threatening, it is physically uncomfortable and the post-acute withdrawal can last for months. There is no detox necessary for Cocaine, Pot or synthetics such as Molly, LSD, K, etc.
The proper assessment of any individual referred for the treatment of chemical abuse or dependency is crucially important for determining the level of care required to insure that the safest, most effective and appropriate facility is utilized. This issue has become more pronounced in recent years with escalating health care costs, the impact of managed care and proliferating facilities of both an outpatient and inpatient type. Treatment programs are not created equal. The optimal assessment of a patient requires evaluation by professionals with addiction specific training to address the multi-dimensional aspects of the presenting problems. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the numbers of patients presenting with psychological problems and psychiatric conditions co-existing with their chemical dependency. However psychiatry, psychology and traditional social work are not disciplines that typically have effectively treated chemical dependency. Trust an OASAS licensed provider.

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